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Testimonials and Case Studies

Nabarun Chakrabortty - Co-founder Ornativa

FHS allowed me to sketch out, and test the viability of our start-up's business model quickly with the right people (early adopters, mentors, partners). Prioritize all the mess & makes it clear to investors what we're really trying to build.
Abhishek Rungta - Mentor & Seed Investor

I use FHS to identify the most promising startups, help them challenge their existing business models and invent new ones. It helps me keep track their progress & give feedback in one platform.
Senthil Basuvaraj - Cofounder-Corefactors.

FHS helped me get feedback from multiple Mentors in my domain. Finally I cud choose my Mentor who is helping me with Goto Market & raising funds. I am also able to track my progress as I get ready to raise Seed Capital.

Alok Goel - Mentor & CEO Freecharge

With my busy schedule it becomes really difficult to keep in touch with Startups whom I wish to mentor. FHS makes it very convenient to schedule, keep upto date with the Progress of the shortlisted Startups & where exactly my inputs are required

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